2-3hrs Approx

Ombré (Powder/Shading)*


2-3hrs Approx

Combination (Hairstrokes & Powder/Shading)*


2-3hrs Approx

*Skin test required

Microblading, Ombré and Combination Brows Prices = Consultation & Skin Test | Initial Appointment | Retouch 6 Weeks Later Included | None Refundable, Transferable Booking Fee Required (£75)

Correction work to cover up old SPMU will be £400 

(Please note we are not often able to correct brows that have been done elsewhere if this is the case then please provide a clear no make-up full face photo and close up of each brow in natural daylight via email and you will then be advised as to whether or not it is possible before starting the pre-assessment process)


Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique where a small handheld tool made up of several tiny needles is used to add pigment to the upper dermal layer of the skin. We create a totally bespoke look for each client creating individual hyperrealism hir-stokes into the skin to imitate real eyebrow hair, its all in the detail. Care is taken to match the pigment to your natural hair colour to blend the fine strokes with your brow hair to create a beautiful finish! The most natural SPMU brow treatment perfect for clients who wear minimal or no make-up daily. (Please note this technique is not recommended if you have excessively oily skin and machine method will be advised for thinner skin).



Combination brows is microblading mixed with machine shading, it's a more fuller brow than microblading alone. If you draw your eyebrows nodally but still want them to look natural this is the technique for you. Hair like strokes at the front of the brow creating a more fluffy front and then machine shading throughout the rest of the brow. You really get the best f both with combination brows as you can really build up the pigment density with the shading/powder affect throughout the brow as much or as little as you like totally personalised to you.


Ombré brows are created using machine work only we don't use the microblade or add any hair strokes for this technique. The term 'Ombré' is from the French word meaning shaded or shading, this layered pixelated effect creates the classic powder layered coloured effect! Ombré brows give the illusion of a filled in bold brow without looking harsh. It can look as natural or as compact as you would like, the machine creates little pixels that we then build up into layers in the skin so if you want a more bold brow we can really build up the pigment, if you don't we can make it look natural too!






(Please note these pictures are before and immediately after, brows will soften once healed)


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Annual Colour Boosts (The Beauty Lounge Tettenhall Clients ONLY)

Keep your brows fresh, retain your colour and shape. Depending on your skin, lifestyle and aftercare you can have your brows colour boosted regularly however don't leave it longer than 2 years as you may need a new set. Colour boosts are for clients who have had microblading/combination/ombré at The Beauty Lounge Tettenhall only.


Existing Beauty Lounge clients are able to book their colour boosts via the online booking system, please check when you had your last appointment to choose the suitable colour boost (30% non-refundable booking fee will be taken to secure your appointment and this will then be deducted at your appointment). We recommend you pre-book this procedure at least 3 months ahead as Emma gets booked up in advance!

1 Year Colour Boost

(between 12-18 months)


Up to 1.5hrs

2 year Colour Boost

(between 18-24 months)


Up to 2hrs

(Please note colour boosts are not for brows that have been done elsewhere)

If existing brow clients want to swap from microblading to ombré at their colour boost there will be a £50 charge on top of the colour boost price to allow extra time for this.