Semi-Permanent Make-up 

What is Permanent/Semi-permanent Make-up?


Micropigmentation is a form of semi-permanent make up (SPMU) or (PMU), it's a cosmetic technique which deposits pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. Unlike traditional tattoo artists we work very superficially in the skin and we use a pigment that is designed to break down over time which is why it will gradually fade in the skin. Cosmetic tattooing is a fabulous way to create/mimic the look of naturally applied makeup or to naturally enhance features of eyes, brows and lips. Micropigmentation can last for a few years and longer with regular colour boosts every 1-2 years. It can be called permanent as there is no guarantee that all of the pigment particles completely go, although they fade down over time. Micropigmentation is designed to enhance your natural beauty and is also ideal for clients who may have medical reasons for needing the treatment. If you have contact lenses/poor eyesight or are struggling to recreate makeup yourselves daily then this could be the answer for you. Permanent make-up is waterproof and does not wash off or smear, time can be saved daily! Also perfect for clients who want to gain symmetry or who have a busy lifestyle.












New clients will first need to complete our Semi-Permanent Makeup Pre-assessment Form. This is to make sure medically you are suitable for the treatment as safety comes first. This is before we can arrange any appointments and further details about this process can be found on the form.


A micropigmentation consultation form will be pre sent electronically to you along with pre and post care instructions and so any additional questions can be discussed at this appointment, we will also skin test you in the salon for the pigment and numbing agent used, this will need to be left on the skin for 24 hours. Skin type, natural hair colouring and skin tone will be taken into consideration to ensure each client understands the results that can be achieved for them and understand the procedure fully.   



The initial procedure will take up to 3 hours, we like to leave plenty of time for pre-draw/brow mapping and deciding which shape suits you best. Every treatment is completely personalised and tailored to each individual and we will always agree on a pencil template before we start the actual procedure defining facial symmetry & face shapes. Numbing cream will be used during the procedure so there is minimal discomfort. The micropigmentation procedure is often a similar sensation to threading/plucking the brow area for the first part of the treatment. 



Brows will initially look very bold at the start of the healing process and can fade up to 30% once healed in the skin. Emma will go through your Aftercare Advice thoroughly along with how to use your aftercare kit provided. It's really important to follow your aftercare to achieve the best possible results from your treatment.   



We allow a top up procedure 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure. This is where all perfections are made. It’s really important you make this appointment as micropigmentation a two phase process (this is not needed after colour boost treatments).

Why Choose The Beauty Lounge Tettenhall

Emma is...

  • Award Winning

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  • Nearly 15 Years of Industry Experience (4 years SPMU)

  • A Skin Care Specialist

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  • A Micropigmentation Brow Specialist 

Any Questions? MOST FREQUENT Qs & As


How long will it last?

Micropigmentation will last approximately 2-5 years but annual Colour Boosts are recommended every 1-2 years to keep the desired effect looking its best.

Does it hurt?

Everyone has a slightly different pain threshold but most of my clients say it is absolutely fine and although it is slightly uncomfortable at times it doesn’t actually hurt, the sensation is similar to threading. Keeping my clients as comfortable as possible throughout is my priority along with giving them the best results.

How long does the procedure take?

I always allow between 2-3 hours for all of my micropigmentation procedures except top up appointments which will take approx 1 hour.


How many appointments will I need to achieve the finished result?

The procedure is built up over 2 sessions 6-8 weeks apart. The majority is done in the 1st session and the 2nd session is simply used for perfecting. Please remember it is the exact same pre and post care advice for initial, top up and any colour boost procedures!


What happens to my natural eyebrows?

I always try and work with your natural eyebrow shape and hair as much as possible which means a more natural result and less maintenance for you to keep on top of. You will have to occasionally pluck/wax around the brow shape (after the healing period) but this is very easy to do now you have your new defined brow shape to follow.

Can I choose my own pigment colour?

We have a wide range of different pigments, for brows from light blonde tones, to very deep dark tones. We will go through the pre-draw process to figure out your desired look and make the colour match perfect for you and I will always give you my professional opinion.

Do i need to pay a Booking Fee?

Yes. The cost of the micropigmentation procedure includes the initial session and top up 6-8 weeks later.  The top up service is included in the original price only when performed within 8 weeks after the initial session. Outside 8 weeks, or if appointments are missed, an additional charge will be incurred for an additional top up to be booked in. A £75.00 deposit is required to schedule your micropigmentation, which is taken off your final total when you attend your initial appointment . This is non-refundable as a 2-3-hour time slot is being set aside especially for you. If you need to reschedule your micropigmentation, you may transfer your £75 booking fee on the appointment if 2 weeks notice is given. If 2 weeks notice is not given, unfortunately another £75 booking fee will need to be collected to reschedule and the first booking fee will be forfeited. 

Am I a good candidate for micropigmentation?

I may ask for a picture of natural brows before bookings. Unfortunately pregnancy, breast feeding, being under 18 years of age (ID can be asked for), some medication and medical conditions will mean the treatment is unsuitable and prevent it from being performed. This includes clients who are on blood thinners, have diabetes and/or keyloid scarring sufferers. Some pre-existing skin conditions and skin treatments can heavily compromise the effectiveness of microblading, leaving both you and I in an unfavourable situation. So, before you go ahead and book your appointment I will always ask you to fill out a micropigmentation pre-assessment form as your safety comes first!


Do I need to shape my brows before my brow appointment?

It’s best if you leave your natural brows to grow as much as possible before your treatment so I can follow your natural hairgrowth pattern and I will remove any unwanted hairs out of the shape that we don’t need on the day.


Can I go on my phone during my micropigmentation?

Phones are not allowed whilst having the micropigmentation procedure please. 


Is it safe?

I am trained to the highest level in infection control and patch tests will always be carried out prior to each treatment. The tools are single use and will be disposed of following legislative requirements.


The Beauty Lounge Tettenhall uses the BEST machine/tools & pigments on the market.


Tina Davis I ♥️ Ink Eyebrow Collection! 

Ultra Concentrated, High Quality pigments! Long Lasting Colour Retention & Predictable Results! Stable colour performance for years to come. Your results will not fade to different colours, only lighter versions of the original colour.

All colours are pre-modified to avoid an ashy or grey heal.

Ultra-concentrated, enabling artists to place the target colour over old, faded PMU permanently.

The ingredients are a combination of pigments, glycerin, witch hazel, aqua, rosin, benzyl alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol. Pigments are gamma ray sterilized, vegan and also cruelty-free 🌱🐰

Sunset 🌅 Collection Especially for clients who have Strawberry Blonde, Ginger Red &  Auburn suit fair to medium skin tones and light copper to deep red hair colours


Tina Davies disposable Microblades! All needles are made in only surgical grade 316 stainless steel.  This is the highest quality stainless steel.  Our needles are sharp and consistently of high quality. Each microblade comes in its own sterilized blister pack complete with lot number, manufacture date and expiration date. We have different types of microblades for Thinner brows, Thicker brows or perfectly curved hair strokes!